How to Add 2FA using Duo Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress

How to Add 2FA using Duo Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress

How to Add 2FA using Duo Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress Website-: 2FA is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are. First, a user will enter their username and a password. Then, instead of immediately gaining access, they will be required to provide another piece of information.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS with over 35% of internet website are build on WordPress CMS at the time of writing this blog post. Due to WordPress popularity, WordPress is the main target of hacker therefore you must take all necessary steps to secure your WordPress website. In this post, I will Explain How to add Duo Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress Website  

How to Add 2FA using Duo Two-Factor Authentication on WordPress site-:

How to Add 2FA using Duo Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress

Duo Security provides two-factor authentication as a service to protect against account takeover and data theft. Using the Duo plugin you can easily add Duo two-factor authentication to your WordPress website in just a few minutes! Rather than relying on a password alone, which can be phished or guessed, Duo’s authentication service adds a second layer of security to your WordPress accounts.

Duo enables your admins or users to verify their identities using something they have—like their mobile phone or a hardware token—which provides strong authentication and dramatically enhances account security.

The duo is easy to set up and use. With Duo, there’s no extra hardware or complicated software to install, just sign up for Duo’s service and install the plugin. Then you can set which user roles you want to enable two-factor authentication for—admins, editors, authors, contributors, and/or subscribers—without setting up user accounts, directory synchronization, servers, or hardware.

Silent Feature of Duo Two-Factor Authentication-:

  • One-tap authentication using Duo’s mobile app (our fastest, easiest way to authenticate)
  • One-time passcodes generated by Duo’s mobile app (works even with no cell coverage)
  • One-time passcodes delivered to any SMS-enabled phone (works even with no cell coverage)
  • Phone callback to any phone (mobile or landline!)
  • One-time passcodes generated by an OATH-compliant hardware token (if you’re feeling all old school)

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