Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress

Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress

Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress-: Tables are a great tool to show information in systematic form. if you are using the editor on WordPress, HTML tables can be added to your content by entering the HTML code for your table in the text editor, or by copying and pasting a table into the visual editor.

Gutenberg editor supports table block functionality. This is a user-friendly way of integrating tables into your content. However, there are better solutions available for creating tables in WordPress.In this post, I talk about the best WordPress plugin to show the table on your WordPress Website.

Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress in 2020


Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress

wpDataTables is a popular WordPress table plugin used to quickly create tables & table charts from Excel, CVS, PHP and other data sources. Use our WP table plugin to represent vast amounts of complicated data in a concise, user-friendly way using tables or charts.

wpDataTables allows creating Line, Column and Pie charts using the Google Charts rendering engine, or simply show data in a table. Creating tables and charts with a WordPress tables plugin has never been easier. It only takes 3 basic steps:

Step 1 – Provide table data

You can provide table data for WordPress tables by uploading Excel, CSV, JSON, XML or Serialized PHP array.

Step 2 – Customization

You can customize and configure the columns of your WordPress table (rename, reorder, add CSS classes, hide, change colours) in any way you see fit.

Step 3 – Publish in a post or page

Once you are happy with the design of your WordPress table, you can easily insert it on any post or page through Gutenberg, standard WP Editor and shortcode, or through page builders like WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Composer or Elementor. All tables will become sortable and will have pagination by default.

Additionally, each table can have a search bar and can have the following functions: “Copy to Clipboard”, “Export to CSV”, “Export to PDF”, “Export to XLS”. All these functionalities are configurable and it is your decision whether to toggle these on or off.


Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress

TablePress allows you to easily create and manage beautiful tables. You can embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets with a simple Shortcode. Table data can be edited in a spreadsheet-like interface, so no coding is necessary. Tables can contain any type of data, even formulas that will be evaluated. An additional JavaScript library adds features like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more for site visitors. Tables can be imported and exported from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.

After installing the plugin, you can create and manage tables on the “TablePress” screen in the WordPress Dashboard.To show one of your tables in a post or on a page, embed the Shortcode [table id=<the-ID> /] into a “Shortcode” block at the desired place in the block editor. Each table has a unique ID that needs to be adjusted in that Shortcode.

After that, you might want to change the styling of the table. You can do this by entering CSS commands into the “Custom CSS” textarea on the “Plugin Options” screen. Some examples for common styling changes can be found on the TablePress FAQ page.You may also add certain features (like sorting, pagination, filtering, alternating row colours, row highlighting, print name and/or description, …) by enabling the corresponding checkboxes on a table’s “Edit” screen.

3.Ninja Tables-:

Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress

Have you ever tried to add tables on your WordPress site? Then, you definitely know how tough it is to do the customized design for your tables. Let alone importing or exporting your large tables or making the table responsive!

Meet Ninja Tables that comes with all the solutions of the problems you face while creating tables on your posts/pages. Ninja Tables will give you an experience of making tables with any possible ways you can ever think of. Whatever you can think of with Ninja Tables, you can do it without writing a single line of code! The best part is, Ninja Tables won’t make your website a little bit slow even you have thousands of data on your table! You can create and manage tables from the admin panel quickly, effectively and easily.

If you have tried the demo, you can clearly understand how fast and dynamic the tables can be. That’s why we call our Ninja Tables The Easiest Table Plugin on WordPress that comes with most advanced frontend table styles, for example, Footables, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Symmetric UI etc.

Ninja Table is perfect for your product list view, make order forms, wholesale WooCommerce products and product catalogues. If you want to add pagination, sorting or filtering on your tables, Ninja Tables is perfect for you. Our Ninja Table is SEO friendly and all the contents of the table can be picked by the search engines.

4. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic-:

Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress

Create responsive data tables with sorting, searching, pagination, filtering and more. Easy-to-use tables, charts and data management. * Data Table Examples

Data Tables WordPress plugin features-:

  • Responsive Modes and Large Tables support
  • Diagrams, Charts and Graphs*
  • Formulas and HTML support
  • Filters, Search, Sorting and Pagination
  • FrontEnd Table Editing*
  • Table export and import from CSV, Excel, PDF, Google Sheets*
  • Images, Links & Video support
  • WooCommerce Product Table*
  • Database Source*

Data Tables Generator allows you to process and manage SEO friendly data tables quickly and easily. This plugin can structure information and can be adjusted to fit every need. Many ways of functional and visual customization of the tables improve site design and let you modify it to cater to a particular individual or a specific task. The intuitive Settings panel and the responsive Editor save lots of time that you would much rather allocate for other useful things or relaxation. Tables are responsive and awesome on all devices.

5. TableGen-: 

Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress

Do you have big data that you would like to show on your website? Now you can do that very easily using this awesome plugin.You can create unlimited interactive, sortable, paginated and searchable data tables with your data and show them on your website using a small shortcode with the help of this handy plugin.You can also create unlimited normal tables using this plugin if you do not want to use any advanced features like searching, filtering, pagination etc.

If you have large data saved in a CSV file then you can easily import that data and create a beautiful table with that data. You can also use our extensions for this plugin and import your data in numerous ways such as in a JSON, Zip, CSV, HTML, XLS and other formats.Similarly, you can export your table data to a CSV file with this plugin so that you can save your data for future use or you can use it anywhere else.

So what makes this plugin the best data table generator plugins?

Extremely Easy to use: If you can not use a plugin happily, then no matter how great the plugin is, it is just useless. We developed this plugin giving user’s usability our first priority. So, you can create very beautiful data table or normal table very easily without having a coding knowledge.

Very Elegant user interface: We know you do not like ugly user interface when using a plugin that is why we have paid a lot of time creating the interface that will give you peace of mind to use it. We bet you will like the simple and beautiful interface of our plugin.

Modern and Attractive Table Design: If the design of the table is not attractive then your data may not be attractive to your users too.
This is why we have integrated modern and minimal design to the table.

Design Compatibility: No matter what your theme is, this plugin will display your data in a very adaptable table that will comply with any theme’s design.
Extensibility: We know every user has different needs. So, we have made this plugin extensible and modular. So, you can use the extension you like and increase the feature of this plugin very easily without touching any codes.

Export your table/data: You can export your table and save them in a safe place or you can take your table data and use them in any other program. So, your data will always be portable and safe.Import your table/data: If you have data saved from somewhere like google sheets, MS Excel or you exported them from this plugin then you can easily import them using this plugin and create table instantly with that data.

Small Size: The size of the plugin is very small. It will not use your valuable hosting space. No junk and useless codes.
Blazing fast and secure: It is very fast and secure. We take no exception to security. We crafted this plugin using latest Object-oriented codes and following latest security and WordPress Coding standard.

Availability of new extensions: We are developing new extensions for this plugins constantly. So, you can extend this plugin very easily.
Fast Updates: We update our plugin with new features very often and fix any bug very fast. So, your site is always fast and safe.
And many more features.
So, why do you not give this plugin a try and see yourself how this plugin can make your life easier when you are in need of creating a powerful data table or just a general table.

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