Cuelinks Affiliate Review : The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool for Indian Blogger

Cuelinks Affiliate Review : The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool for Indian Blogger

Cuelinks Affiliate Review : The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool for Indian BloggerCuelinks Affiliate Review: The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool for Indian Blogger-: At the starting stage of blogging most of the blogger start with free blogging platform or and apply for Google Adsense to make money from their blog. after a certain time of blogging most of the blogger switch to Self-hosted WordPress and replace Google Adsense with affiliate marketing. The reason behind is to switch over Affiliate market is Low CPC of Google Adsense and high per sale commission of affiliate marketing.

It takes lots of time and dedication to bring good traffic on the website, if you have a decent amount of traffic then only you can earn a good amount of income from Google Adsense. It hard fact of Google Adsense if your blog does not have decent traffic then you can not earn much more through Google Adsense Program.

Cuelinks Review: The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool for Indian Blogger-:

What Affiliate Marketing and Why it is Important for Blogger?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning income every time you promote someone else products or services. If you generate a sale for the company, you get paid. If you don’t generate a sale, you do not get paid.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing-:

  1. Billion-dollar Business
  2. Low-Cost Business Idea
  3. No Expertise Needed (because Practice Makes Perfect)
  4. Low Investment Costs
  5. Secondary Source of Income
  6. Convenience and Flexibility
  7. Customer Service is not in Your Interest
  8. The Independence
  9. Marketing Kit at Right Your Disposal
  10. Passive Income – Earn Money While You Sleep
  11. The Sky’s the Limit
  12. Own Business – Sole Proprietorship
  13. Flexible Working Schedule
  14. Performance-Based Income

Cons of Affiliate Marketing-:

  1. You Don’t Control Affiliate Marketing Programs
  2. You Don’t Control Your Competition
  3. You Can’t Establish Your Customer Base
  4. No Guarantee of Revenue
  5. Freelance Jobs are not for Everyone
  6. Quantity Approach
  7. It’s Possible to Hijack Affiliate Links

If you are Blogging on a good niche like Web Hosting. you can join many affiliate program at a global level like commission junctionShareaSale, Impact Radius who offers many affiliate marketing product under one roof.

if you are an Indian Blogger and Blogging on a niche that has only scope in India like a Website based on Indian Income Tax Return or Engineering Entrance Exam in India you will have limited scope of Affiliate marketing.

Cuelinks Affiliate Review : The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool for Indian Blogger

For Indian Blogger Cuelinks is the one-stop solution to kick start affiliate marketing on a blog. There are many online stores like Amazon and Flipkart that provide affiliate marketing facility but it is not possible for any affiliate marketing enthusiastic to manually apply for all website, here Cuelinks do a good job.

Once you apply for Cuelinks you can kick start your affiliate market with hundreds of partner of Cuelinks, on your behalf Cuelinks collect your affiliate marketing commission across different partner take some portion of revenue and rest credit to your account.

Cuelinks have many great features one of them is automatically inserted affiliate link to best affiliate word in your blog post, which ultimately save lots of time to manually add affiliate link each keyword. You can create your widget using multiple categories and integrate them into your blog.

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