How to Disable Comments in WordPress

How to Disable Comments in WordPressHow to Disable Comments in WordPress-: Do you want to disable comments from your WordPress site? When we install WordPress sites, the WordPress comment box is activated by default. But there are many pages and posts on our blog where the comment box is not required. Thankfully, WordPress gives specific posts, pages, custom post types the ability to disable Comment. Even you can disable the Comment from the entire website. Today in this article I will tell you how to Disable comments from a WordPress site.

How to Disable Comments in WordPress-:

WordPress comments show the popularity of your website, but there may be many reasons to disable comments from WordPress.

  • Only 1% of comments are genuine. The rest of the comments are spam or are meant for self-promotion. That’s why many bloggers prefer to disable comments on their blogs.
  • If you run a small business and there is no blog section on your site. If there is only static pages (services, about us, contact etc.), comments box is not required.
  • You do not want to allow announcements such as the post to publish and comments. In these cases, you can easily disable comments on those specific posts or pages.

Here we will guide you on how to disable comments in WordPress.

Disable Comments from a Specific Post-:

To deactivate the comment from any post on the site, you will need to edit that post. Then, scroll to Discussion option and uncheck Allow Comments. Now, the comment box will deactivate from that specific post. If the Discussion option is not displayed, you must click on the Screen Options and here you must enable the Discussion option.

Disable Comments from Multiple Post-:

If you want to disable the comment from Multiple posts, click Post >> All Post >> Edit >> Apply. Now a quick edit option will open in front of you. Select do not Allow here. Now the comment box will be removed from your chosen posts and visitors will no longer be able to comment on your articles. But the old comment will appear on the post.

Disable Comment from Future Post or Page-:

Click on Settings >> Discussion to deactivate WordPress comments from your Future Post or Page and uncheck the Allow people to post comments on new articles box.

Disable Comments on Date Base-:

If you want to deactivate comments from your post after a certain time, Click Settings >> Discussion and Automatically check the close comments on articles older than box. After 14 days in the article, comments will automatically deactivate when you publish an article.

Disable Comments in WordPress Pages and post Using plugin-:

First, install and activate the No Page Comment plugin on your site. Next, click Settings >> no Page Comment to configure it. If you want to disable the comments box from new pages and post, check the comments and trackbacks box. Also if you want to delete all the monitoring posts and comment boxes from the page, click the Disable all Comments and Disable all Trackbacks buttons. I hope this post helped you to Disable comments from your WordPress site. If this article is helpful for you, be sure to share it!

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