How to Disable Right Click in WordPress to Protect Images

How to Disable Right Click in WordPress to protect Images
Do you want to disable Right-Click Options to prevent your site image from being stolen? keep reading this post, However, you cannot completely prevent the user from stealing the image from your website. But they can do their job a little harder. One of the ways is “Disable right-click” that disables the right-click button of the mouse from your site and prevents your site Image from downloading.

How to Disable Right Click in WordPress-:

How to Disable Right Click in WordPress to protect Images

To disable Right click from Image, first install and Activate the no Right Click Images plugin in your site. After activating the plugin you do not need to do anything. It automatically disables the right click button from your website images using Javascript. If you want to configure its settings, click Settings >> no Right Click Images. Its default settings work perfectly for most websites. Now, when a user clicks on the Images of your site, he/she will not see any change and will not be able to download the image.

Add Copyright Notice under Image-:

If you do not want to add the no-right-click feature to your WordPress site, you can use it. You can put a copyright notice below your images. It Discourages the user from copying or downloading images.

Use Watermark on your Images-:

You can also add watermark to your images. This will certainly discourage the user from stealing and reuse the image. Small request, if this article is helpful to you, be sure to share it!

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