Best Announcement and Notification WordPress Plugins

Best Drop-Down Announcement and Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress

Best Announcement and Notification WordPress Plugins -: It is a hard fact that 98% of your website visitor leave your website without doing any action. With the help of notification and announcement bar, you can convert your website visitor into a subscriber.

Why Announcement and Notification important in WordPress-:

A notification bar is one of the best ways to target your audience, especially who visit your website for first time. Notification Bars are used to display short but important messages to the top of the screen. In this post, I will explain the best WordPress Plugin to display Announcement and Notification bar on Your WordPress website.

Best Drop-Down Announcement and Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress-:

1. Announcement Bar-:

Announcement Bar

The Announcement Bar is a WordPress plugin built by Themify that helps you manage announcements on your website quickly, easily, and more efficiently. You can Automate and schedule announcements for any specified time range, customize the look and feel of the Announcement Bar using beautiful design.

Announcement Bar

Announcement Bar is compatible with almost any type of WordPress Theme. Responsive and retina-ready, the Announcement Bar highlights your content and messages to visitors, regardless of their device or platform.

Announcement Bar

Include a ‘More…’ tag on your announcements, allowing visitors to click into the announcement and toggle more content. Additionally, use other shortcodes like column, button, and map, to add additional content inside the Announcement Bar.

The Announcement Bar plugin works with WooCommerce-specific shortcodes, allowing you to advertise featured products and products that are on sale, right inside of the announcement! With the MailPoet Newsletters plugin, you can display newsletter sign-up forms inside of the announcement bar, making it easier than ever to grow your newsletters’ subscriber numbers!

2. Hello Bar -:

Hello Bar

98% of visitors leave your site without taking action and 70% of your website visitor will never come again on your website. To grow your website traffic you have to convert your website visitor into a subscriber. Hello Bar’s lead generation tools which helps to grow your email list, build your social media following and reduce cart abandonment to enhance your revenue 

Silent features of Hello Bar-:

  • Convert your website visitors into Subscriber which will be your paying customer in future.
  • Grow your email list & generate new leads
  • Reduce cart abandonment & decrease your site’s bounce rate
  • Show your visitors the right message at the right time so they stay on your website longer

How to Use Hello Bar to Convert Website Visitor Into Subscriber-:

Dedicated Marketing Expert: Good headlines are the secret sauce for high converting pop-ups. Even with the best technology, a pop-up won’t convert without the right text. Gain access to our team of copywriting experts who will review your site goals and recommend high-converting, tested headlines to ensure successful email capture.

Exit Intent Technology: Reduce your cart abandonment using pop-ups that are perfectly timed to appear right as someone begins to leave your site. Our highest converting pop-up and highly customizable to offer discount codes and special deals.

A/B Testing: Find the perfect pop-up for your website with our A/B testing feature that allows you to optimize your sales funnel and grab as many emails, clicks, or followers as possible with just the click of a button.

• Targeting: Send the right message to the right customer at the exact right time using our 200+ targeting parameters. Set your pop-up to only show to visitors from certain sources, optimize the time at which it appears, schedule special occasion campaigns in advance, and more.

• GDPR & Google SEO Compliant: No worries when it comes to the nitty-gritty legality and technicality behind pop-ups. We’ve got you and your mailing list covered with easy-to-use GDPR opt-ins and constant updates to best serve Google best practices.

Hello Bar

You can get your own Hello Bar account from for free. Once you have your account, create a bar or popup at and then you’ll receive a small piece of code called a site snippet that you can copy and paste into this widget.

3. WP Notification Bars-:

WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars is a custom notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress. It has more than 30,000 active installation. WP Notification Bar is perfect for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click through to other pages and so much more.It is developed by MyThemeShop easy to use light weight plugin and Translation ready.

Silent features of WP Notification Bar-:

  • Easy to Use and customize Notification Bar
  • Lightweight and consume less hosting resources
  • You can Create Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Responsive Design adopt size on all type of devices
  • Unlimited Color combination
  • Fixed or Absolute Position
  • Add CTA Button
  • Add Custom Code
  • Control Font Size
  • Show on HomePage / Posts / Pages
  • Show only to Google Visitors
  • Show only to Facebook Visitors
  • Translation Ready

After Installation of Plugin Customization is very easy first, Hide and Close type toggle type of button.

WP Notification BarsSelect your link and Type your own desired text and button text to the link and insert the URL of your landing page or post.

WP Notification Bars

Give color to your bar that match best with your website design.

WP Notification Bars

You can set the condition on your notification Bar, either you want to display it on Home page or all type of post and pages on your website.

WP Notification Bars

4. Top Bar -:

Top Bar

Simply the easiest way to add a top bar to your website. This plugin adds a simple and clean notification bar at the top of your website, allowing you to display a nice message to your visitors as well as a custom link. The free version provides all functionality of top bar but if you buy Pro version you will get features like close the Top Bar, choose an initial state, add a bottom border, set a time before the Top Bar appears, bottom positioning, user visibility settings (only for guests or registered users), change the font-size…

5. Easy Notification Bar-:

Top Bar

Easy Notification Bar Adds a new section in the WordPress customizer so you can easily enable a notification bar on your site. The plugin allows you to enter your custom notification bar text as well as an optional button to display next to your text. Perfect for notifying visitors of a current sale or hot product.

The Easy Notification Bar plugin makes use of the newer “wp_body_open” action hook introduced in WordPress 5.2.0 which allows the plugin to work better with any theme that has been updated to support the tag. Contrary to other notice bar solutions which rely on absolute positioning, this plugin inserts the notice bar right after the body tag so it should display perfectly without any conflicts on any well-coded theme.

This is a “static” notification bar at the top of your site. When you scroll down the page it will become hidden which is generally better for usability and SEO.

Silent Features of Easy Notification Bar-:

  • Easy setup via the WordPress customizer
  • Custom background, color, text alignment and font size settings
  • Optional callout button
  • Responsive design so it looks good on mobile
  • Minimal code (no javascript or cookies required)

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