How to setup Google Site Kit in WordPress

How to setup Google Site Kit in WordPress

How to setup Google Site Kit in WordPress-: The Google Site Kit by Google develop a plugin which can easily Google Services such as Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Google AdSense, Google Optimize, and Google Tag Manager directly to your WordPress site connects. Once connected, you will be able to view search, analytics, PageSpeed and other data directly in your WordPress dashboard. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to setup Google Site Kit in WordPress.

What is Google Site Kit?-:

How to setup Google Site Kit in WordPress

Site Kit is an official WordPress plugin created by Google that explains how people find and use your site. It provides insights of many Google products directly into the WordPress dashboard. Site kit plugin allows you to add up to 6 services:

Why should I use Google Site Kit?-:

Google Site Kit includes Powerful features that make use of these Google products useless. Also makes it easy to install and configure Google products.

  • You can see the stats of your Google products in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Multiple Google tools can quickly setup your site without editing its code.
  • You can view Google Analytics and Search Console data for your entire website or specific pages.
  • You can see the PageSpeed Insights of your site in the dashboard. You can see your AdSense earnings.

Now let’s start installing and configuring Site Kit by Google Plugin in WordPress…

How to set up Site Kit by Google in WordPress-:

First, install and Activate the Site Kit by Google Plugin in your WordPress site. Once activated, click Start Setup. In the next screen, it will take you from your WordPress site to the Google Site Kit website. To start the process simply click the Sign in with Google button. (You need to sign in to the Gmail account on which Search Console is).

Enter your email ID, password and click the Next button. Once logged in, you’ll need to allow Google to access data in the Search Console. Click the Allow button. After all permissions allow, you will receive completion notification. You can click on Go to my dashboard. Now, you have successfully completed the Google Site Kit setup and added Google Search Console to the WordPress website. You’ll see options for adding other services such as Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insight.

How to Connect Google Analytics with Google Site Kit-:

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, manually create one and then add the tracking code to your WordPress site. Because Google Site Kit cannot automatically create a new Google Analytics account for you.

Click Site Kit >> Settings > > Connect more Services. Select your Google Analytics account. Please allow all permissions after login. Just click the Allow button. Now Google Site Kit will return to the WordPress dashboard. Site Kit automatically selects the correct Google Analytics property. All you need to do is click on Configure Analytics. Congratulations ..!

You have successfully added Google Analytics to your WordPress with Google Site Kit. You can view your Analytics and Search Console data in the Site Kit dashboard. Search Console, analytics and PageSpeed are available here. You can see the metrics of the entire site. The plugin allows you to view different reporting for Search Console and analytics and other service.

The Google Site Kit plugin is a great plugin developed by Google that adds multiple popular Google products to an interface in your WordPress dashboard. Currently, this plugin supports 6 different services such as Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Page Speed Insights, Optimize, and Tag Manager. And Key metrics and insights multiple shows directly from Google products in your WordPress dashboard. What do you think about Google Site Kit? What will you use it on your site? Tell me your thoughts in the comment box!

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