Ultimate WP Super Minify Plugin Review

WP Super Minify Plugin Review-: Awesome Plugin to improve page load time

WP Super Minify Plugin Review-: Awesome Plugin to improve page load time-: The real reason you want to minify your WordPress files is to improve the performance of your website. Minify means your files’ size will be reduced because the smaller the file, the easier and quicker your website will load and display pages.

This is accomplished by removing unnecessary spaces, lines, and characters from the files, which actually makes these files close to unreadable for an actual human. To be very clear on which files can be minified and benefit your website, they include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. There are other files that may be able to get the minify treatment like a PHP file, but it will have no effect on the performance of your website.

Now, keep in mind this is not the most significant way to boost the performance of your website. In truth, this will only shave off some kilobytes from your website’s files, but will still have a positive effect. Some experts will, of course, say a few kilobytes is not worth the time it takes to minify your website’s files, but that is definitely up to you and since the process is so quick, you have nothing to lose.

If you are interested in other ways to improve your website’s speed, then take a look at the Google PageSpeed Tools. This website will tell you where you can make improvements to boost your website’s speed.

WP Super Minify Plugin to Minify Script-:

WP Super Minify Plugin Review-: Awesome Plugin to improve page load time

This plugin combines, minifies, and caches inline JavaScript and CSS files on demand to speed up page loads, using Minify PHP Framework. By activating this plugin, you will see the source of your HTML, inline JavaScript and CSS are now compressed. The size will be smaller and quite helpful to improve your page load speed as well as google page speed and yslow grade (if you care).To check whether this plugin works properly, simply view your site source or press Ctrl + U from your keyboard. In the end of the source, you should see a message something like:

*** Total size saved: 11.341% | Size before compression: 27104 bytes | Size after compression: 24030 bytes. ***

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